Egg Coffee

Egg Coffee or Ca Phe Trung is a Vietnamese delicacy that is enjoyed all over Vietnam. Made with egg yolk and condensed milk it was popularized during the war when fresh milk was scarce and has continued to be a delicacy that is enjoyed by Vietnamese people all over Vietnam

Egg coffee is a popular drink among Vietnamese locals especially in the city of Hanoi. The Giang café in Hanoi is known for serving the drink in a hot water bath to retain its temperature. The son of the Giang Café founder Nguyen Giang claims that his father was the creator of the recipe during war times.

The recipe for egg coffee is as follows. (Serves 4)


2 Large egg yolks

½ cup Sweetened Condensed milk

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

60 grams Vietnamese coffee finely ground

1 Litre Hot water


1: Gather the ingredients

2: Combine the egg yolk and condensed milk in a bowl with a mixer and whip for 10 minutes on high

3: Whilst whipping, Brew the coffee according to your preference

4: Set aside half a cup of coffee and divvy the remainder amongst 4 cups

5: Gently spoon some whipped egg mixture onto the top of each coffee pour a bit of the left-over coffee through the foam and serve.